Billion-won jewelry and bold gowns aespa wore to Cannes, drawing attention

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By KBIZoom on May 25, 2023

Girl group aespa walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, drawing all eyes with their remarkable outfits. 

On May 24th (local time), aespa walked the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival before the official screening of “The Pot-au-Feu” at the Lumière Grand Theater, Palais des Festivals, in Cannes, southern France.


On this day, aespa attended as ambassadors for Chopard, a luxury jewelry and watch brand and the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival. On the red carpet, the girl group wore luxury jewelry collections that showcased their individual charms, along with dresses that accentuated their glamor.


Member Ningning received the most spotlight on the scene. She wore an asymmetrical gown from Versace, displaying a tantalizing volume and firm elegance.


Meanwhile, Karina wore a black chiffon dress from the domestic dress brand “Enzo Choi Jae Hoon” and showcased a seductive red lip makeup. In addition, the necklace she wore was previously worn by pop singer Rihanna in 2014, is made with a 123-carat Rubellite and a 65-carat diamond, and cost approximately 1.6 billion won.


Dressed in a white tube top dress from “Maria Lucia Hohan”, Winter flaunted her elegance and fair skin. She matched the dress with a set of blue jewel-adorned necklace and earrings, creating a refreshing atmosphere. The jewelry she wore also drew attention, as Hollywood actress Natalie Portman previously wore it at Cannes.


Finally, Giselle radiated sensuality by donning an evening dress from “Cristina Sabatini” with an eye-catching jeweled corset design, exuding sensuality. Giselle also emphasized her beautiful neckline by not wearing any necklace and instead opted for drop earrings.


On the other hand, the 76th Cannes Film Festival, which runs until May 27th, attracted attention with the attendance of Kpop idols such as BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, as well as BTS V.

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