Brave Girls considering a name change, preparing for a summer comeback?

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By KBIZoom on April 28, 2023

After a difficult rise to fame, Brave Girls sign with a new agency, prepare for a summer comeback, and may change the group name.  According to TV Report on April 27th, a Warner Music Korea official said, "Since 'Brave' in Brave Girls is a name taken from their former agency, we are considering creating a new team name as a priority." Brave Girls recently ended their exclusive contract with Brave Entertainment, which is represented by Brave Brothers, so there is no reason to continue using their current name. It is also reported that the trademark rights for Brave Girls are with Brave Entertainment. In relation to this, Warner Music Korea seems to be having in-depth discussions from various angles. On April 28th, a Warner Music Korea official cautiously told Wikitree, "There is no information we can confirm at this moment", refraining from making any statements. Meanwhile, on the 27th, Warner Music Korea announced that they had signed exclusive contracts with all Brave Girls members. Warner Music Korea said, "We work together with the members to prioritize full group activities and will not spare any support for their activities". At the same time, Brave Girls are reportedly preparing for a comeback this summer. Earlier in February, Brave Entertainment said, "We sincerely thank the fans who have loved and supported Brave Girls”, adding, "Today, the exclusive contracts of four members, Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna, have ended. Brave Girls will conclude their activities with the release of the digital single 'Goodbye' today." The agency also stated, "After long and in-depth discussions with Brave Girls members, we decided on a beautiful farewell. We will not forget to support each other and will repay the love of fans in their new positions", and "We sincerely thank Minyoung,Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna for their passionate activities as Brave Girls for seven years. We send our heartfelt applause and will always support their new activities." Meanwhile, Brave Girls, now consisting of second-generation members Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji, and Yuna since 2016, spent about five years in obscurity. In early 2021, their song “Rollin’”, released in March 2017, became a miracle by charting on Korean music charts after gaining popularity on YouTube and other platforms. They later continued their success with “Chi Mat Ba Ram”, but eventually announced the news of their official activities ending. Source: Wikitree

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