“My brother is my role model”, Moon Sua’s confession about Moonbin evoke tears

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Past remarks of Moon Sua, the younger sister of Moonbin, are being re-examined after the male idol’s sudden passing.  In January of 2023, ASTRO Moonbin and Billlie Moon Sua, who are siblings, appeared on the MBC’s entertainment show “DNA Mate”, where they showed an awkward brother and sister relationship.  It is known that Moonbin appeared as a child actor on KBS 2TV's “Boys Over Flowers” during his childhood. He then debuted as a member of ASTRO in 2016, stepping into the music industry in earnest. Following her brother, Moon Sua also debuted in 2021 as a member of the girl group Billlie, which is under Yoon Jong Shin's company, Mystic Story. On “DNA Mate” broadcast, the two confessed that they didn't know much about each other since they spent their childhood as trainees. They drifted apart as siblings during their long trainee days, with Moonbin training for 7 years and Moon Sua for 12 years. At the time, Moonbin said, "We're family, but seeing each other in the hallway of music shows is all we do," revealing the awkwardness between him and his sister. However, Moon Sua said, "I called my brother several times, but he didn't answer and I was upset. I tend to look for my brother when I want advice." She also added, "Even though there's only a one-year age difference between us, my brother is a six-year senior with a lot to learn from. He's my role model whom I respect the most. He always gives me sincere advice." Moon Sua's group Billie is currently promoting their 4th mini-album, which was released on March 28th of last month. After their debut, Moonbin and Moon Sua appeared on various variety shows, earning the nickname “Moon Siblings” among netizens. However, Moonbin was found dead at his home at around 8:10 pm (KST) on April 19th. He was 25 years old. In response, on April 20th, Billlie's agency, Mystic Story, announced in their official fan cafe that all of the group’s schedules planned for the week had been canceled or postponed and asked for fans’ understanding.  Currently, ASTRO members and Moon Sua are grieving at Moonbin’s mortuary. The funeral procession will be held quietly on April 22nd. Source: Wikitree

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