BTS will participate in the title OST for animated series “Bastions”

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By KBIZoom on April 14, 2023

Top idol group BTS (RM, Jin, Jimin, j-hope, Suga, V, Jungkook), will be singing the title OST for new animation “Bastions”. 

According to Timos Media, a comprehensive media company, on April 14th, BTS will participate in the title song of the 3D action hero animation “Bastions”. As the song will feature all members of BTS, huge attention is being focused on it. 


Along with this, a visual cut video announcing BTS’ participation was released through BTS’ official SNS, “Bastions” official YouTube, and homepage, drawing enthusiastic responses from global fans. 

On the other hand, “Bastions” is a 3D action hero animation which depicts the story of newcomers who have appeared in the hero world where popular competition is fierce. Together, they reveal the identity of the villain who is the main culprit of environmental destruction, saving the earth in crisis and growing into true heroes.

The keyword “environmental pollution”, which has emerged as a global topic and an absolute villain in the 21st century, is seamlessly integrated into the hero worldview, helping to spread good influence, at the same time delivering fun.

It is also known that alongside BTS, other artists such as LE SSERAFIM, the recently disbanded Brave Girls, Heize, Alexa, Seo J, Kang Min Seo, and P. Cassady, will also participate in “Bastions” OST. 


Meanwhile, BTS is a “21st century pop icon” that has transcended past the realms of Kpop, having been nominated for the Grammy Awards for 3 consecutive years and the American Music Award for 5 consecutive years. They also entered the US Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” multiple times with different songs, including “Dynamite” and “Butter”. 

In June of last year, BTS released the anthology album “Proof”, which is a compilation of BTS’ 9-year history, and proved their world-class popularity by topping the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200”.

In addition, “Bastions”, which will open a new horizon for K-animation, will be broadcast for the first time on SBS at 7:30 am (KST) on May 14th. It is also planned to be aired all over the world.

Source: Daum

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