Park Bo Gum to become MC of “Music Bank” world tour, full-fledged activity under The Black Label 

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By KBIZoom on February 25, 2023

Actor Park Bo Gum will be the MC of the “Music Bank” world tour. It is expected that it will be his full-fledged move after transferring to a new agency.

According to KBS on February 25th, Park Bo Gum was selected as the MC for the “Music Bank” world tour, which will be held at the La Defense Arena in Paris, France on April 8th. Popular Kpop singers such as IVE, NMIXX, P1Harmony, AB6IX, Stray Kids, The Boyz, MAMAMOO, and Cravity were named in the lineup of performers.

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From May 2015 to June of the following year, Park Bo Gum worked as an MC in the KBS 2TV music program “Music Bank”. Recognized for his excellent hosting skills, the actor also appeared as an MC for the “Music Bank”world tour held in Singapore and Indonesia in August and September 2017, respectively. Subsequently, he also showed stable progress as an MC in the “Music Bank” world tour, which was held in Chile and Germany in 2018 and Hong Kong in 2019.

In April of 2022, after completing his military service, Park Bo Gum was selected as the MC of the “58th Baeksang Arts Award”’ in May of the same year and worked with Shin Dong Yup and Suzy.

Now, Park Bo Gum is expected to begin his full-fledged activities after transferring to a new  agency.

Park Bo Gum, whose exclusive contract with Blossom Entertainment expired in December of 2022, drew attention last month by moving from his previous agency to The Black Label, which includes Taeyang, Zion.T, and Jeon Somi. It is reported that Park Bo Gum chose The Black Labe after realizing that this is where he can pursue both music and acting activities.

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In addition, Park Bo Gum has selected a next project, a drama titled “You Have Done Well”, which is also said to star IU. 

The drama, which is written by “When the Camellia Blooms” screenwriter Lim Sang Chun, depicts the adventure of Ae Soon and Kwan Sik born in Jeju in the 1950s. 

In “You Have Done Well”, IU will play the role of Ae Soon, a rebellious girl. Although Ae Soon can’t go to school because of her family circumstances, she still dreams of becoming a poet. This is a confident character who never hides when she cries and makes everyone laugh when she smiles.

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Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum will take on the role of Kwan Sik, a reliable person who doesn’t talk much. He’s diligent and sincere, at the same time loves and respects only Ae Soon with all his heart.

Park Bo Gum, who has embarked on a new start after transferring to The Black Label, are drawing great attention to his future activities. 

Source: Nate

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