“Korea’s top artist” IU sets another amazing record 

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The performance video of IU on “Killing Voice” broke the record once again.

IU’s “Killing Voice” video, which was released through the YouTuber channel “dingo music” in March 2021, just surpassed 50 million views on the morning of September 22nd, about a year and a half after its release. 

Back when the video first dropped, IU’s “Killing Voice” video rose to the top of YouTube’s video chart and received an explosive response, even maintaining the top spot for a whopping 3 days.

In addition, after surpassing 10 million views in about 10 days after its release, the video easily exceeded 30 million views with a steady rise, at the same time proving its strong global influence by becoming Korea’s No. 1 most popular video for YouTube settlement in 2021.

Back in March, IU’s “Killing Voice” recorded 40 million views – the first among all Dingo’s contents. Now, it has surpassed 50 million views and recorded the highest number of views among all Dingo channels, including “Killing Voice” and “Killing Verse.”

In the YouTube comment section under IU’s “Killing Voice”, there more than 52,000 comments admiring IU’s national treasure-class tone, such as, “IU’s voice brings a different level of emotion”, “IU’s live sounds better than the audio version”, and “As expected, a legend and Korea’s top artist.

“Killing Voice” is a show where audiences can enjoy the “voice” that “kills” everyone with live singing of guest artists, who selected the set list themselves. So far, artists of various genres, such as IU, MAMAMOO, Sung Ki Kyung, Taeyeon, Koyote, Lee Hi, SEVENTEEN, and NCT 127 have appeared and have been showered in enthusiastic support from music fans.

Source: wikitree

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