Weeekly and ATEEZ won the final relay race at the 2022 ISAC

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Weeekly and ATEEZ took home the last gold medals at this year’s ISAC. 

The final 400m relay race of the 2022 MBC’s Chuseok Special Idol Star Championship was broadcast at 5:20 pm KST on September 12th.

First, in the preliminary round of the first group of female idols, Brave Girls, NMIXX, Kep1er, and Laboum competed. The commentator emphasized the importance of order placement and baton touch in the 400m relay race, and predicted the advantage of Weekly and Kep1er, saying, “Height is an advantage in this round.” 

Kep1er was then disqualified from the race due to mistakes. Brave Girls and NMIXX made it into the final round. In the second group, the competition was between Everglow, Rocket Punch, Weeekly, and Cherry Bullet. Weeekly and Rocket Punch eventually entered the final round. 

As a result of the 400m relay final between Brave Girls, NMIXX, Weekly, and Rocket Punch, Weeekly came in 1st place and won the gold medal. Rocket Punch came in 2nd, NMIXX in 3rd, and Brave Girls in 4th. Weeekly said, “We are so happy that we were able to get a gold medal in our first appearance. Thank you to Daily for cheering us on.”

In the preliminary round of the first group of male idols’ 400m relay, between DKZ, AB6IX, WEi, and P1Harmony, P1Harmony and DKZ took first and second places by a narrow margin and advanced to the finals. In the second group, VERIVERY, ATEEZ, ONEUS, and TNX battled each other. While ATEEZ overwhelmingly took 1st place with a wide gap, VERIVERY advanced to the finals in 2nd place despite the disappointment that they fell as soon as they started.

As a result of the 400m relay finals of P1Harmony, DKZ, ATEEZ, and VERIVERY, ATEEZ advanced their record from the preliminary round and won the gold medal after a fierce battle. VERIVERY came in 2nd, P1Harmony in 3rd, and DKZ in 4th. ATEEZ said, “We are very grateful to receive the gold medal after all the hard work. Thanks to our Atiny.”

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