August Debut? Why BABYMONSTER’s Fans Think They Could Be Debuting Earlier Than Expected

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BABYMONSTER is the latest group to come out of YG Entertainment. They gained a sizeable following after their survival show, The Last Evaluation, aired on YouTube.

BABYMONSTER - DANCE PERFORMANCE VIDEO (Jenny from the Block) 1-48 screenshot

All seven trainees were confirmed to be part of the lineup in the Debut Member Announcement video released last May. Here, head producer Yang Hyun Suk gave a general estimate on when they will debut.

Regarding BABYMONSTER’s debut, we will do our best so that it can happen as soon as possible. This is just a projection, but I don’t think it will pass this fall.

— Yang Hyun Suk


Fans believed that they would still need to wait until September to November for the girls to debut officially. As of last April, even the members themselves were not aware of the exact day their music video will drop.

Theories recently began to pop up on the internet that this day may be drawing nearer than expected. On July 3, the comeback of fellow labelmates, TREASURE, was revealed to have been moved to later this month. This was sooner than expected, with the original announcement being that their second full album will still come out in August.

I’m thinking of August. The upcoming full album of TREASURE will be comprised of only new songs.

— Yang Hyun Suk

Given this, some BABYMONSTER fans theorized that the girl group’s debut might have been moved up by at least a month. After all, the company has a history of debuting their new groups in the month of August.

BIGBANG debuted on August 19, 2006 with their eponymous first single.

WINNER debuted on August 17, 2014 with “Empty” and “Color Ring.”

BLACKPINK debuted on August 8, 2016 with “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH.”

Most recently, TREASURE debuted on August 9, 2020 with “BOY.”

YG Entertainment has yet to confirm the exact date of BABYMONSTER’s debut.

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