The K-Pop Idol Who Missed Out On Debuting In Monsta X Is Still Facing Difficulties These Days

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The Rise of K-pop Groups through Survival Programs

Over the years, the K-pop industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous groups through survival programs. These shows, such as "Boys Planet" and the "Produce" series, bring together trainees from various entertainment companies to compete for a chance to debut in temporary groups.


However, survival programs are not limited to collaborations between different companies. Entertainment companies also organize their own survival programs exclusively for their trainees, aiming to form permanent groups. Interestingly, many trainees who fail to make the final cut still manage to find success as solo artists or by debuting in other groups. For instance, Jeon Somi missed out on debuting with TWICE but went on to establish a successful solo career.

somi Jeon Somi during SIXTEEN.

Another lesser-known group that was formed through a survival program is MONSTA X. The members of MONSTA X initially appeared as trainees on the show "No Mercy."


During the course of "No Mercy," trainees were gradually eliminated, leading to the formation of the MONSTA X we know today. Some of the eliminated trainees went on to join other labels and groups. One notable trainee, Choi Seokwon, seemed to have moved on after a long break but recently faced unforeseen difficulties.

himmm Choi Seokwon | Starship Entertainment

Ultimately, Choi Seokwon and another trainee named #GUN were eliminated from "No Mercy," leaving many fans heartbroken.

(left to right) #GUN, MONSTA X's Minhyuk, and Choi Seokwon

Survival programs have played a significant role in shaping the K-pop industry, providing opportunities for talented trainees to showcase their skills and ultimately debut in successful groups. These programs not only captivate audiences but also serve as a platform for aspiring artists to fulfill their dreams.

Source: Koreaboo

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