What Did BTS’s J-Hope Do When He Was Scared Of Being Alone In HYBE’s Building?

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BTS's J-Hope Takes ARMY on a Late-Night Adventure

BTS's J-Hope surprised fans with a spontaneous live broadcast in the early hours of Sunday night. The broadcast, which lasted until 2 a.m., featured J-Hope showcasing his solo dance practice and spending time in his studio.

It seemed that J-Hope may have accidentally fallen asleep and found himself alone in the vast HYBE building. To combat the solitude, he decided to connect with his fans through the live broadcast.


During the first hour of the live stream, J-Hope spent time in BTS's practice room, warming up and dancing to music. As he turned off the lights and made his way to his studio, the room became almost pitch black, with only the glow of his computer monitor. J-Hope commented on the eerie atmosphere, noting that it felt scary.


J-Hope continued to take ARMY on a tour of the building. To everyone's surprise, the next stop on the mini-tour turned out to be a bathroom! J-Hope brought his fans along as he washed his hands, ensuring that the live stream continued.


Afterward, J-Hope made his way to his studio using the elevator. But before that, he couldn't resist playing some of "Permission to Dance," one of BTS's popular songs.


J-Hope's late-night adventure with ARMY provided an intimate glimpse into his life as a member of BTS. Fans were thrilled to be a part of the live broadcast and witness J-Hope's dedication to his craft.

Source: Koreaboo

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