[📷] 230608 Mnet M Countdown Stage Food Yeppies M Countdown stage is also complete 🫶 Thank you ABNEW for sending us a lot of support today as well 💖 AB6IX AB6IX THE_FUTURE_IS_OURS LOST LOSER https://t.co/Nf5ndjaFBg

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AB6IX Performs on Mnet M Countdown

AB6IX, the charismatic K-pop group, delivered an electrifying performance on Mnet's M Countdown. The stage was undoubtedly a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

Energy and Support

ABNEW, the dedicated fandom of AB6IX, showed up in full force to cheer on their favorite idols. The overwhelming support was greatly appreciated by the group.

The members of AB6IX expressed their gratitude towards the passionate ABNEW, thanking them for their unwavering encouragement.

The Future is Ours

During their performance, AB6IX showcased their hit songs "Lost" and "Loser" with flawless choreography and powerful vocals.

The group's talent and stage presence prove that they are ready to take on the future. With each performance, AB6IX reaffirms their position as frontrunners in the K-pop industry.

AB6IX continues to amaze their fans with their captivating performances and promises an exciting future ahead.

Stay tuned for more incredible moments from AB6IX!

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