EXO Shock Netizens With The Sexy And NSFW Lyrics For Their New Track “Cream Soda”

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EXO are set to make their comeback in a few days, but the group has recently become a hot topic after netizens were shocked by their NSFW lyrics.

One of the concept photos for the comeback | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

EXO has been teasing netizens with concept photos ahead of their album Exist. As expected, all the members look stunning and showcase what fans might expect from the album.

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter
F0R_ogNX0AA3Zb8 (1)
| @weareoneEXO/Twitter

On July 7, a picture of the lyric pages for EXO’s new album started spreading across the internet. In particular, it was the lyrics for their song “Cream Soda” that really gained attention.

The lyrics for “Cream Soda” | @xunhuas/Twitter

In particular, netizens focused on the first part of the lyrics and couldn’t hide their shock at just how NSFW it was. While the title seems innocent, the lyrics were seemingly full of innuendos and seemed very “Rated R” compared to the group’s recent releases.

Soft cream that feels like it’s popping (like soda), the more you mix it, the thicker it gets. Baby, my throat feels like it’s burning again. It’s a little risky now; I can’t be satisfied with anything else, baby come closer. Bursting, it spreads filling inside my mouth, a special [redacted] that I’m tasting for the first time, this provocative tension like a bottle of cola, you pop like carbonated drinks.


| @xunhuas/Twitter

When the lyrics were posted online, it wasn’t surprising that the entire internet went into meltdown. Although it’s becoming more common for idols to have lyrics with more explicit lyrics, this was

It seems like idols are becoming willing to make their lyrics extra spicy, and considering how long EXO has been in the industry and how they’re all adults, it’s a welcome for many fans, albeit a bit shocking!

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