Kpopalypse roundup – new k-pop releases 21/8/2023

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Kpopalypse Roundup: New K-pop Releases

Welcome to the Kpopalypse roundup! In this article, we'll be taking a look at some of the latest releases in the world of K-pop. Let's dive in!

Chuuves Part 6: A Banger in the Making

Chuu on top, once again

Chuu is back and ready to dominate with the sixth installment of the Chuuves computer game series. Fans can expect nothing less than a banger from this talented artist.

Jihyo - Killin' Me Good

Jihyo's latest release, "Killin' Me Good," showcases her incredible talent and captivating vocals. Even with a jaw-dropping ending, this song is so good that you won't need to hit replay.

AKMU - Love Lee

AKMU's "Love Lee" is a beautiful and heartfelt song. Despite my impartiality, I must admit that this comeback didn't quite capture my attention. However, Suhyun's adorable outfit is worth mentioning.

Aespa - Better Things

Aespa's "Better Things" showcases the latest trending sound in K-pop. ADOR has pushed SM to catch up, but their attempt falls short as they struggle to embrace the concept of "less is more." Nevertheless, it's an interesting journey to witness.

Stay tuned for more exciting releases in the world of K-pop! Which group or artist are you most excited about?


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