BTOB’s Contracts With Cube Entertainment To Expire Soon + In Talks For Renewal

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BTOB's Contracts with Cube Entertainment to Expire Soon

Exciting news for BTOB fans! It has been reported that the exclusive contracts of popular K-pop group BTOB with their agency, Cube Entertainment, will be expiring soon. According to a report by JTBC News on August 28, the members' contracts will be expiring one at a time starting next month.

In Talks for Renewal

Following the news, a representative from Cube Entertainment confirmed that discussions regarding the renewal of BTOB's contracts are currently underway. The agency stated, "It is true that the timing of BTOB's exclusive contract renewal has arrived. Both the agency and the members are actively discussing the matter."

This update has sparked excitement and anticipation among fans, who are eagerly waiting to see if BTOB will continue their journey with Cube Entertainment.

BTOB's Journey with Cube Entertainment

BTOB, which stands for "Born to Beat," made their debut under Cube Entertainment in 2012. The group quickly gained popularity for their unique musical style and impressive vocal abilities. Over the years, BTOB has released numerous hit songs and showcased their versatility through various genres.

Known for their strong bond and close friendship, BTOB has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Their powerful performances and heartfelt music have earned them a dedicated fanbase, known as Melodies.

What's Next for BTOB?

As BTOB's contracts with Cube Entertainment come to an end, fans are eagerly speculating about what the future holds for the group. Will they choose to renew their contracts and continue their journey together? Or will they explore new opportunities and potentially sign with a different agency?

While nothing has been confirmed yet, fans remain hopeful that BTOB will choose to stay with Cube Entertainment. The agency has been a home to the group for many years, and their partnership has been fruitful, resulting in the group's success and growth.


As BTOB's contracts with Cube Entertainment approach their expiration date, fans are eagerly awaiting news about the group's future. The discussions regarding the renewal of their contracts are ongoing, and fans hope to see BTOB continue their journey together. With their talent and dedicated fanbase, BTOB is sure to make waves in the K-pop industry, no matter what path they choose.

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