Netizens Are Obsessed With aespa’s BLINK Behaviour At BLACKPINK’s “BORN PINK” Concert — But Also Concerned For Their Privacy

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BLACKPINK recently performed in Seoul for their BORN PINK tour, and it was a star-studded event with many celebrities in attendance. The members of aespa, who had just returned from their own tour, were also present at the concert.

aespa Joins BLACKPINK on Stage

F6EP7sRbcAAWLUEMembers of aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

The aespa members showed their support for BLACKPINK by attending their concert. Despite their long flight back to Korea, they couldn't miss the opportunity to see their fellow artists perform live.

aespa's Adorable Behavior at the Concert

Blackpink: asked the audience to wave the lightstick to left, right and rotate

aespa girlies: *literally spin their lightstick*

Nooo they’re so cute 😭

— karina’s wife (@ujiminphoria) September 17, 2023

The aespa members' adorable behavior during the concert melted the hearts of netizens. They showed their excitement and love for BLACKPINK by enthusiastically participating in the lightstick movements, making the moment even more special.

karina's Interaction with BLACKPINK

karina laughing at the guy who looks like he's deep in his thoughts while watching blackpink and telling aespa about it 😭 winter even took a picture? I guess they know him? 😭😭😭😭😭

During the concert, karina from aespa noticed a guy who seemed lost in his thoughts while watching BLACKPINK. She found it amusing and shared the incident with her fellow aespa members. Winter even took a picture of the guy, sparking curiosity about their connection.

Overall, BLACKPINK's BORN PINK tour in Seoul was a memorable event filled with star power and heartwarming interactions between aespa and BLACKPINK. The support and camaraderie among K-pop groups continue to strengthen the bond within the industry.

Source: Koreaboo

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