Netizens React To The Lineup For The New “Boys Planet” Project Group BLIT — And The Response Is Mixed

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Boys Planet was one of the hottest shows in 2023 as contestants, including new names and familiar faces, from across the world battled for a chance to debut in a new group.

The contestants of “Boys Planet” | Mnet

After the show ended, the top nine took the world by storm when they debuted as ZEROBASEONE!

The top nine recently debuted as ZEROBASEONE | @ZB1_official/Twitter

Yet, it seems like netizens have another group to look forward to with some of the contestants. On July 3 (KST), Korean media confirmed that Jellyfish Entertainment would be debuting a project group called BLIT, with seven members who were contestants on Boys Planet. 

According to the article, the members of the group are Mun Junghyun, who ranked 29…


Park Jihoo, who was ranked at 33…


Park Hanbin, who placed at 11…


Yoo Seungeon, who made it to rank 16…


Lee Jeonghyeon, who finished with a rank of 15…


Ji Yunseo, who was eliminated with a ranking of 41…


And Ciipher‘s Keita, who ranked at 12.


When the news was announced, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t hide their excitement at seeing some of their favorite contestants coming together.


Yet, while many fans can’t hide their excitement about seeing some of their favorite “Boys Planet” trainees debut, even if it’s just a project group, not everyone is happy.

When the news was announced that the group would debut with Jellyfish Entertainment, many shared their worry about the company’s reputation. In particular, they compared it to ZEROBASEONE being signed under WAKEONE, another company with a less-than-positive reputation.

Others pointed out the “interesting” name, which meant that with one typo, it could quickly become NSFW!

Many were also angry that Keita was announced without any prior warning from Rain Company. While Keita was loved during Boys Planet, the idol has also shined as part of Ciipher, and many worry about the future of the group and the lack of communication from CEO Rain.

While it’s exciting that the contestants have a chance to shine amidst the show’s popularity, it’s not surprising that netizens are wary about some of the details.

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