An International ARMY’s Love For BTS Suga Touches Thousands Of Koreans

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BTS's Suga Announces Enlistment

BTS's Suga, one of the most popular members of the K-pop group, recently made an announcement that has left fans both excited and emotional. He revealed that he will be enlisting in the military on September 22, 2023, to fulfill his required service. This news has sparked a wave of support and well-wishes from fans all over the world.

A Touching Farewell from a Fan

Among the many fans expressing their love and support for Suga, one particular fan's heartfelt message has gained attention. Lisa Elliot, an international fan, took to Weverse to bid farewell to Suga and send him her best wishes. Her melancholic note resonated with other fans, who were moved by her words.

IMG_2933| theqoo

South Korea's Military Service

In South Korea, military service is mandatory for all able-bodied men. It typically lasts for a little under two years. This means that by the time Suga completes his service and is discharged, Lisa, the fan who wrote the heartfelt message, might not be alive anymore.

A Message That Goes Viral

The Korean ARMY, the official fan club of BTS in Korea, noticed Lisa's post and translated it into Korean. They then shared it on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. The post started spreading across various community sites, with fans expressing their support for both Suga and Lisa.

“나는 암투병중이라당신이 돌아왔을 땐 내가 없을수도 있어요그러면 내 다음 생에 만나요다음엔 조금 더 일찍 만나요. 알겠죠마지막까지, 내 진심은 당신거예요.”

리사.. 당신의 사랑에 눈물이 멈추지않습니다당신의 큰 사랑이 힘이 되어병마를 이겨내기를,우리와 오래오래 함께하기를 바라요

— 저 달🌘 ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@0613moonlight) September 17, 2023

Support and Love from Fans

Lisa's heartfelt message touched the hearts of many Koreans, who sent their well-wishes and love to her. The Korean ARMY and other fans expressed their hope that Lisa would overcome her illness and be able to attend BTS's concert in 2025. The outpouring of support for Lisa reflects the strong bond between K-pop idols and their fans.

IMG_2934Netizen reactions. | theqoo

Looking Towards the Future

Despite the bittersweet emotions surrounding Suga's enlistment, fans remain hopeful for the future. They eagerly anticipate his return from military service and look forward to attending BTS's concerts together. The support and love shown by fans like Lisa demonstrate the incredible impact that K-pop groups have on their followers.

Source: Koreaboo

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