Watch: BBGIRLS (Brave Girls) Premieres 1st Comeback Track Under New Agency + Covers Taeyeon And SISTAR19 On “Weekly Idol”

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BBGIRLS (formerly known as Brave Girls) Teases New Comeback Song

BBGIRLS, formerly known as Brave Girls, has released a sneak peek of their upcoming comeback song "ONE MORE TIME." The group recently announced their new name after leaving their former agency Brave Entertainment and signing with Warner Music Korea.

This will be BBGIRLS' first comeback under their new agency, and fans are eagerly anticipating their return. In addition to their new song, the group also showcased their talent by covering Taeyeon's "Weekend" and SISTAR19's "Ma Boy" on the popular variety show "Weekly Idol."

With their fresh start and a new agency, BBGIRLS is ready to make a splash in the K-pop scene once again. Stay tuned for their highly anticipated comeback!

Source: Soompi

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