3 Years Later — Where Are The 16 Eliminated “I-LAND” Contestants Now?

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What Happened to the Eliminated Trainees from I-LAND?

Can you believe it's already been a year since I-LAND first premiered on Mnet? These days, the winning contestants—Jungwon, Heeseung, Ni-Ki, Jake, Jay, Sunghoon, and Sunoo—are all promoting together as ENHYPEN, but what happened to the rest of the contestants? From new group debuts to acting, here's what all 16 of the eliminated trainees are up to these days.

1. Geonu

Geonu made it into I-LAND's final 12, but was unable to score a place in the final lineup. Thankfully, his journey to stardom didn't stop there. In fact, in June 2021, Geonu made his debut as the lead vocalist of JUST B, a new boy group under Bluedot Entertainment.

iland_geonuJUST B's Geonu | Bluedot Entertainment

Made up of contestants from I-LAND and Under Nineteen, JUST B's latest release is their single "Camellia" which is a touching ballad hoping to bring hope to its listeners.

Meanwhile, Geonu also has a personal Twitter account with over 140,000 followers.

보너스 거누 등장😃🕶Bonus Geonu😎 pic.twitter.com/kXn7XVWI3Y

— 이건우 (@geonu___) May 13, 2021

2. Hanbin

Popular Vietnamese contestant Hanbin made it to episode 11 of I-LAND before he was sadly eliminated. Many weren't sure whether the 23-year-old would stay training at BE:LIFT LAB long enough to debut in a future boy group, but his foray onto the K-Pop stage continued on as Hanbin terminated his contract to sign with Yuehua Entertainment, the company behind EVERGLOW and WJSN.

iland_hanbin Source: Koreaboo

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