10 First-Timers on Billboard’s Charts This Week: Buck Meek, Juju<3, Säje, Peakboy & More

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Billboard is a renowned music publication that features over 200 different weekly charts, covering a wide range of genres and formats. While established artists strive to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart and Billboard 200 albums ranking, up-and-coming talents often start their journey on genre-specific lists.

Billboard's Emerging Artists

In this article, we will take a closer look at ten artists who have recently appeared on Billboard's charts for the first time. These artists are making waves in the music industry and are gaining recognition for their talent and unique sound.

Buck Meek

Buck Meek, known as the singer-songwriter and guitarist/backing vocalist for Big Thief, has achieved his first solo entry on Billboard's charts with his latest album "Haunted Mountain." Released on August 25 via 4AD, the album debuted at No. 82 on the Top Current Album Sales chart, selling 1,000 copies in its opening week in the U.S. This achievement also helped him debut at No. 46 on the Emerging Artists chart. "Haunted Mountain" is Meek's third solo LP outside of Big Thief, following his self-titled 2018 LP and "Two Saviors" in 2021. Currently, Meek is on the European leg of his worldwide solo tour, which will run through February.

Big Thief, the band Meek is associated with, has had a successful history on Billboard's charts since their debut in 2016. They have charted three albums on the Billboard 200: "U.F.O.F." (peak No. 142 in 2019), "Two Hands" (peak No. 113 in 2019), and "Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You" (peak No. 31 in 2022). The latter two albums reached the top 10 of the Top Alternative Albums chart, while "Dragon" reached No. 1 on the Americana/Folk Albums chart. Additionally, Big Thief has charted two songs on Adult Alternative Airplay: "Certainty" (peak No. 34 in 2021) and "Simulation Swarm" (peak No. 18 in 2022). Their albums "U.F.O.F." and "Dragon" received Grammy nominations for Best Alternative Music Album in 2020 and 2023, respectively.


Julian Perez, known as Juju<3, is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter based in California. He recently made his debut on Billboard's charts with his viral hit song "Wasted Summers." This melancholic pop-rock track was released on July 12 and quickly gained popularity. It debuted at No. 13 on Hot Alternative Songs, No. 25 on Hot Rock Songs, and No. [insert number] on [insert chart name]. Juju<3's unique sound and relatable lyrics have resonated with listeners, propelling him to the forefront of the music scene.


These are just two examples of the many talented artists making their mark on Billboard's charts. As the music industry continues to evolve, it's exciting to see new artists emerge and captivate audiences with their creativity and passion. Keep an eye out for these rising stars as they continue to make waves in the world of music.

Source: Billboard

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