The 5 Worst Follow-Ups To Breakthrough K-Pop Hits, According To Fans

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K-Pop Groups: The Challenges of Following Up Successful Releases

When it comes to music released by K-Pop artists, not every song can be an improvement from the last one. Sometimes a song becomes such a massive hit that there's practically no way to follow up with something equally as well-received by the general public, and that's okay! There have been some occasions, though, where fans feel like a group's company really fumbled the bag when choosing what songs to release after a particularly successful comeback. The topic was recently discussed on Reddit, and these are five of the most significant instances of poor follow-ups to successful releases, according to fans.

1. CLC ("Hobgoblin" to "Where Are You?")

CLC, a popular K-Pop group, faced the challenge of following up their hit song "Hobgoblin." The powerful and edgy concept of "Hobgoblin" resonated with fans and gained immense popularity. However, their subsequent release, "Where Are You?," failed to capture the same level of attention and excitement.


2. Weeekly ("After School" to "Holiday Party"/"Ven Para")

Weeekly, a rising K-Pop group, faced a similar challenge with their follow-up releases. Their debut song "After School" showcased their fresh and youthful energy, capturing the hearts of fans. However, their subsequent releases, "Holiday Party" and "Ven Para," failed to generate the same level of excitement and impact.


These instances highlight the challenges faced by K-Pop groups when it comes to following up successful releases. The pressure to meet or exceed the expectations set by previous hits can be overwhelming. However, it's important to remember that music is subjective, and not every song will resonate with everyone in the same way. K-Pop groups continue to evolve and experiment with different concepts and styles, and while some follow-ups may not achieve the same level of success, they contribute to the growth and artistic journey of the group.

Source: Koreaboo

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