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New K-pop Boy Band XIKERS Talks About Their Success and Love for ATEEZ at KCON LA 2023

During an interview at KCON LA 2023, the members of the new K-pop boy band XIKERS opened up about their journey to the top of the Billboard Emerging Artists chart and their admiration for fellow labelmates ATEEZ.

A Dance Cover that Impressed

Tetris Kelly, a fan of XIKERS, commended the group on their dance cover of Blackpink's hit song "Kill This Love." The members expressed their gratitude and revealed that they had dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to perfecting the cover. They considered it an honor to pay tribute to Blackpink and even added their own unique dance break to the performance.

Reaching the Top of Billboard

Being ranked number one on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart was a monumental achievement for XIKERS. Hunter, one of the members, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity and acknowledged that they are still newcomers in the industry. They vowed to continue working hard and striving for success.

Thriving at KCON

Attending KCON was a thrilling experience for XIKERS. When asked about their thoughts on the event, Minjae shared their excitement about performing as XIKERS in Los Angeles. They promised an unforgettable stage performance and mentioned that they had prepared a special stage for their fans. The group urged everyone to enjoy the show and expressed their gratitude for the support.

Watch the full interview above to learn more about XIKERS' journey and their plans for the future!

Source: Billboard

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