“Now I Will Work Even Harder” — What’s Next For CIIPHER’s Keita After “Boys Planet”?

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By Koreaboo on April 24, 2023

Boys Planet recently wrapped up its series finale, announcing the winning trainees as members of the soon-to-debut group ZEROBASEONE (ZB1). While the results overjoyed many fans, many were heartbroken to see some of their favorites not debut.

One of the most discussed eliminations was that of CIIPHER‘s Keita, a huge fan favorite and popular contestant.

Keita | Mnet

Before joining “Boys Planet,” Keita was the first trainee to enter YG Japan and remained a trainee under YG Entertainment for over five years. The idol participated in YG’s Treasure Box, leaving fans heartbroken with his elimination in episode nine.

| YG Treasure Box

Following this, he entered RAIN Company in 2019, where he remained a trainee until his debut with CIIPHER in March 2021.   Before entering a hiatus, the group released two mini-albums in 2021 and a third in May 2022.


Keita was revealed to be one of the 98 participants of “Boys Planet” in November 2021 and, once the show began to air, caught the attention of viewers worldwide with his talent and skills, not only at rapping but dancing and singing as well.

| Mnet
| Mnet

Unfortunately, Keita did not make the final line-up, ranking twelfth overall in the competition. Though fans were brokenhearted, many have tried to remain hopeful about Keita’s plans and waited patiently for the idol to share his feelings.

| Mnet

Days after the final episode, Keita shared a letter to fans posted on the official RAIN Company account, thanking everyone who supported him and giving a hint that the requested collaboration with rapper and mentor pH1 would happen soon.

| RAIN Company

First of all, I want to express my gratitude towards all the Star Creators who supported me till the end.
I really appreciate you all for staying by my side with no change throughout BOYS PLANET, a show I took part in after many thoughts and considerations.
and to all the trainees who stayed up many nights and ran towards the final goal together, you did well.
Throughout 4 months there were many happy and difficult moments, but experiencing it with everyone and growing together made me really happy.
i couldn’t only show the perfect sides of myself, but all the nice words from people towards me as I kept trying gave me a lot of strength.
Now I will work even harder to provide more love than the love I’ve received.
and to all the Star Masters who helped us walk a great path, I love you
( PH-1 master-nim!! I promise i’ll contact you. I want to work on a song together. BOYSPLANET is the best!!!

— Keita

While Keita has seen a huge surge in popularity, it is not clear when CIIPHER will make their next comeback, as one of the members — leader Hyunbin — is participating in Fantasy Boys and has ranked well in the episodes so far.


The all-female previous version of the show, My Teenage Girl, debuted the girl group CLASS:y, who signed seven-year contracts instead of the usual one to two-year contacts that survival show groups have done.

A member not participating in comebacks due to being in a survival show group would not be a new occurrence — now disbanded group NU’EST did so while Minhyun was promoting with WANNA ONE, combing Back as NU’EST W.


Keita also was recently added back to CIIPHER’s Dear. U Bubble, giving fans a direct way to get communications from the artist.

As stated during YG Treasure Box, Keita’s biggest goal was to become an artist who can be a positive presence, something he has and will continue to do! We look forward to his future plans!


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