“We Felt Very Defeated During Our Debut Days…” — aespa Karina’s Honest Thoughts On Why Fans Like The Group

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During a recent interview for a behind-the-scenes video of their Japan tour, aespa‘s leader Karina revealed the reason that she thinks draws fans into the group.

I think aespa’s charm is our… confidence? I think we never feel defeated wherever we go. Honestly when we debuted, we felt very defeated but on the stage, we were never so. I think that’s what moved the hearts of our fans as well.

— Karina

It was not always a smooth-sailing path for the group. During their debut days, countless rumors plagued aespa, causing doubt to pile up against the members. Karina received criticism for her dance skills pre-debut, while Chinese portal sites accused NingNing of befriending sasaengs and leaking information. Past photos of Giselle had her caught up in partying and underage drinking allegations. Most of the rumors were later proven false.

The girls have been on the rise since then, working doubly hard to prove themselves. They finally received compliments for solid live performance skills…

…and their adorable personalities on variety shows.

They can only go up from here!

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