Block B’s U-Kwon Gets Caught In Crossfires Regarding SEVENTEEN Joshua’s Dating Allegations — U-Kwon Responds

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SEVENTEEN Joshua's Dating Allegations

Amidst the dating allegations surrounding SEVENTEEN's Joshua and influencer/model Cho Mi Young, fans have expressed their concerns about the idol's behavior. While fans don't necessarily have an issue with Joshua dating, they feel that he has been "playing fans for a fool."

Here's All The "Proof" That Caused Fans To Think SEVENTEEN's Joshua Is Dating A Model

Block B U-Kwon's Past Dating Controversy

IMG_1980U-Kwon reposting the tweets.

A long-standing K-Pop fan recently brought up Block B U-Kwon's past dating controversy, adding to the ongoing discussion about idol behavior. While Block B has always had a more free-spirited image, it was U-Kwon's attitude towards fans that upset many.

One particular sore spot for fans was his post-it replies during fansign events. Fans felt that his responses were cold and dismissive.

IMG_1984"U-Kwon oppa, please follow the lines and draw this. Please. [Heart]" - Daum

U-Kwon's response to his dating news was met with disbelief from netizens and fans. Despite Block B's more relaxed image, it was his behavior towards fans that caused the most concern.

Source: Koreaboo

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