4 Iconic Male Idols Who Made Their Own K-Pop Groups

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The K-Pop scene is never static. It’s always buzzing with new groups debuting, adding an exciting layer of fresh talent to the already vibrant industry. But these new groups aren’t only born out of big entertainment companies. Some of our favorite male idols have stepped into the game, making their own K-Pop groups, and we’re here to share those stories.

Block B | @pyojihoon_official/Instagram

Our favorite idols aren’t just performers. They’re creators, visionaries, and mentors. They’ve stood in the shoes of these young artists, and now they’re using their experiences to pave the way for the future of K-pop. As fans, we can’t wait to see where these new ventures take the K-pop industry next.

Shinhwa | SM Entertainment

1. Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo

First on our list is none other than Lee Minwoo, the all-rounder member of the legendary K-Pop group Shinhwa. But did you know he’s also the mind behind Lin Branding? That’s right, Lee Minwoo isn’t just gracing stages. He’s also busy scouting for the next big thing in K-Pop.

This summer, auditions for the next big girl group will kick off on July 22nd, extending through August 26th. The agency welcomes girls between the ages of 12 to 17 of any nationality. Are we about to see the next global sensation? With Lee Minwoo at the helm, chances are high!


Our next star is the multi-talented idol Rain. He’s not just an incredible singer, dancer, and actor – he’s also a mentor and producer to the boy group Ciipher under his own company, RAIN Company. Under his guidance, Ciipher has shown exceptional potential, proving that Rain’s talent in entertainment isn’t just limited to his own performances.


Then we have Zico, a mastermind in his own right. The leader of the hip-hop boy group Block B has now turned his sights towards a new venture, creating a six-member boy group BOYNEXTDOOR under his label, KOZ Entertainment.

ZICO | KOZ Entertainment

Making their debut on May 30 with their single album Who!, BOYNEXTDOOR aims to connect with fans on a personal level, being the ‘boys next door’ everyone can relate to. Zico’s hands-on involvement in the group promises a refreshing sound that echoes everyday experiences and stories.

4. PSY

Last but not least is PSY, the global sensation behind the record-breaking hit “Gangnam Style.” But PSY’s influence doesn’t stop there. Under his label, P NATION, the Korean superstar created TNX, a six-member boy group formed through the survival show LOUD.

PSY | New York Times

Having made their debut on May 17, 2022 with the mini album Way Up, TNX (which stands for “The New Six”) signals PSY’s vision for the new generation of K-Pop.

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