NCT 127’s Mark Had The Best Response About His Reputation For Being “Chaotically Bilingual”

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NCT 127's Mark Reveals TMI Facts in Interview with Esquire

In a recent interview with Esquire, NCT 127's Mark shared some interesting "TMI" (Too Much Information) facts about himself that fans may not be aware of.

Mark's Bilingual Struggles

One of the things Mark discussed was his bilingual nature. Growing up in Canada, he is fluent in both English and Korean. However, he often gets mixed up between the two languages, leading to funny moments that fans compile into memes.

Mark often struggles to speak in either pure English or pure Korean, resulting in humorous and endearing moments for fans to enjoy.

191103 – NCT 127 Instagram Live2019 MTV EMAs

🦁: Our Korean fans are probably sleeping so I’ll speak in English🦁: *speaks in Korean* 😂🦁: I heard that we’re the first K-pop group to come to the EMAs

Bilingual struggles are real ✋🏻😩#Mark #마크#マーク #NCT127#NCT127EMAs

Mark's bilingual struggles have been evident in various instances, such as during an Instagram Live session where he switched between English and Korean to accommodate both his international and Korean fans.

Here is another example of Mark speaking English during a video interview. Despite his occasional struggles, his efforts to communicate in both languages are appreciated by fans.

Mark's bilingualism adds a unique dynamic to NCT 127, showcasing the diversity and talent within the group. Fans continue to support and love Mark for his endearing personality and his ability to connect with fans from different linguistic backgrounds.

Source: Koreaboo

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