I got to see MJ hyung's showcase MC today, and it was so much fun, and in the future, receive the happiness from our happy deliveryman MJ hyung, give us lots of support, and be happy~^^❤️ Stay Astro MJ Fighting! https://t.co/Hws5ZnPSfs

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[original] 오늘 엠제이형 쇼케이스 MC를 보게 됐는데 너무 즐거웠고 앞으로 우리 행복 배달부 엠제이형이 주는 행복 받으시고 많이 응원해 주시고 다들 행복하세요~^^❤️ #계세요 #아스트로 #엠제이 #파이팅! https://t.co/Hws5ZnPSfs

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