[📺] [DoYou Right Some] A moving stage in front of the eternal No. 1 fan, family 'VIVACE' | Ep.6 (Source: Mnet M2 (M2) | Naver TV) https://t.co/5vKtTVYZr6 LIGHTSUM LightaWish LightaWish

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[original] [📺] [#DoYou라잇썸] 영원한 1호 팬, 가족 앞에서 선보이는 감동의 무대 ‘#VIVACE’ | Ep.6 (출처 : Mnet M2 (엠투) | 네이버TV) https://t.co/5vKtTVYZr6 #LIGHTSUM #라잇썸 #LightaWish #라잇어위시

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