⚡D-1⚡ 📢 Be smart_Stay_MJ Entering MJ Digital Single Stay Here (Feat. Taeyeon Kim) ▶ https://t.co/w6L46kbqj2 2021.11.03 RELEASE MJ MJ HappyVirus GetSetYo ASTRO ASTRO https://t.co/7Edhi6oonX

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[original] ⚡D-1⚡ 📢 #똑똑똑_계세요_MJ들어갑니다잉 MJ Digital Single <Happy Virus> #계세요 (Feat.김태연) ▶ https://t.co/w6L46kbqj2 2021.11.03 RELEASE #MJ #엠제이 #HappyVirus #GetSetYo #ASTRO #아스트로 https://t.co/7Edhi6oonX

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