[📸Photo] 211030 1st ALBUM PART 1 Fan signing event commemorating the release⚔️ Love is springing up today because we are with Luvity 💗 CRAVITY CRAVITY THE_AWAKENING WRITTEN_IN_THE_STARS VENI_VIDI_VICI CRAVITY_BENIVIDIVICH https://t.co/kiRcitpqrj

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[original] [📸사진] 211030 1st ALBUM PART 1 <THE AWAKENING> 발매기념 팬사인회⚔️ 러비티와 함께라서 오늘도 사랑이 샘솟아요💗 #CRAVITY #크래비티 #THE_AWAKENING #WRITTEN_IN_THE_STARS #VENI_VIDI_VICI #크래비티_베니비디비치 https://t.co/kiRcitpqrj

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