📰 Minhyuk , ˙Vogue Show˙ Yoo Jong-mi "A year and three months full of happiness, Mon-Ek will come back" [SS Star] (Source: Sports Seoul | Naver TV Entertainment) @kr_now MONSTA X MONSTAX MONSTA_X MINHYUK MONSTA X_Minhyuk Miss You Show_Minhyuk SS Star_Minhyuk Monsta X_November 19th comeback https://t.co/PLJlrHh8Jm

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[original] 📰 #민혁 , ˙#보그싶쇼˙ 유종의 미 "1년 3개월간 행복만 가득, #몬엑 컴백으로 돌아올 것" [#SS스타] (출처 : 스포츠서울 | 네이버 TV연예) @kr_now #몬스타엑스 #MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #MINHYUK #몬스타엑스_민혁 #보그싶쇼_민혁 #SS스타_민혁 #몬스타엑스_11월19일컴백 https://t.co/PLJlrHh8Jm

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