🇺🇸LOOПΔ in New York🇺🇸 LOOΠΔ's PTT (Paint The Town) went to New York with @Spotify @SpotifyKR EQUAL💚 I'm ready to color American summer with LOOΠΔ‼️🎨 LOONA_PTT LOONA LOONA_PTT SpotifyEQUAL ▶️ https://t.co/sEiJ6agZpJ https://t.co/6ThxDKm1S5

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[original] 🇺🇸LOOПΔ in New York🇺🇸 #이달의소녀 의 PTT (Paint The Town)이 @Spotify @SpotifyKR EQUAL로 뉴욕을 찾아갔습니다💚 미국의 여름도 이달의 소녀로 물들일 준비됐어요‼️🎨 #이달의소녀_PTT #LOONA #LOONA_PTT #SpotifyEQUAL ▶️ https://t.co/sEiJ6agZpJ https://t.co/6ThxDKm1S5

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