Yang Hyun Suk Shares More Details On BABYMONSTER’s Debut

By Koreaboo on

Yang Hyun Suk has shared more details on BABYMONSTER‘s upcoming debut.

In a press release from YG Entertainment to various media outlets, including Newsen, Yang Hyun Suk shared a plethora of details related to BABYMONSTER’s upcoming debut.

First, Yang Hyuk Suk shared that BABYMONSTER’s debut project has progressed rapidly. The genre for their debut song has been confirmed to be an intense hip-hop song.

Yang Hyun Suk also mentioned that the goal is for BABYMONSTER to debut in September. They are currently in the post-production phase for their music video and choreography.

YG Entertainment has invited famous foreign producers to help with BABYMONSTER’s debut album and has held several song camps to collect songs. Through these camps, several tracks were secured. There will also be follow-up projects that have been outlined and are in the early stages of planning.

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