V Nails ‘Slow Dancing’ Performance for ‘The First Take’: Watch

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V's Debut Solo Album Layover

V, a vocalist from the popular K-pop group BTS, has recently started performing tracks from his debut solo album Layover. In a captivating performance on the Japanese YouTube series The First Take, V showcased his live vocals and wowed fans with his talent.

For the performance, V appeared on set wearing a cream-colored pullover sweater and blue jeans. Before diving into the track, he confidently expressed his readiness in Japanese, saying, "I'm ready. Let's go."


The performance began with V singing the heartfelt lyrics of his track, "Slow Dancing." He crooned, "It's about time we get it straight. Gimme a minute if it ain't too late. It sounds about right. This can't be forced, babe. Hurts too much already. Stay with me 'til the end of the day." The catchy chorus followed, with V singing, "Maybe we could be slow dancing until the morning. We could be romancing the night away."

As the performance came to a close, V humbly thanked the viewers in Japanese before stepping away from the microphone.

Other Performances and Success of Layover

This captivating performance of "Slow Dancing" follows V's recent appearances on NPR's Tiny Desk Korea and Naver's NPOP music program, where he performed tracks from Layover. The album was released on September 8 and has been making waves in the music industry.

Layover features a collection of tracks, including "Slow Dancing," "For Us," "Blue," "Love Me Again," and "Rainy Days." The album has been well-received by fans and critics alike, with "Slow Dancing" reaching an impressive position at No. 4 on the Billboard Global 200 chart. This marks V's first solo top 10 track. Additionally, "Love Me Again" and "Rainy Days" peaked at No. 12 and No. 16, respectively, on the global chart.

On the Billboard 200 chart, Layover debuted at an impressive No. 2 position, second only to Olivia Rodrigo's Guts.

Watch V's Captivating Performance

Experience the magic of V's performance of "Slow Dancing" by watching the video above. Witness his incredible vocals and stage presence as he brings his solo tracks to life.

Source: Billboard

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