MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Overcomes His Biggest Fear That Lasted 8 Years—Thanks To SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

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SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and MONSTA X's Hyungwon Overcome Fear Together

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan and MONSTA X's Hyungwon recently teamed up for an exciting adventure on Hyungwon's web series, Mr. Chae the Castaway. The two close friends planned a relaxing day of amusement park rides, but little did they know that it would turn into a thrilling and nerve-wracking experience.

A Fear Eight Years in the Making

monsta x hyungwon seventeen jeonghan @lifeishollowJeonghan and Hyungwon. | @lifeishollow/Twitter

The duo embarked on a car trip to Inje, where they planned to enjoy various amusement park rides. However, they were in for a surprise when they discovered that the only ride available was the tallest bungee jump in Korea. This particular ride happened to be the one that Hyungwon had been avoiding for eight long years.

A Leap of Faith

Despite his fear, Hyungwon couldn't resist the opportunity to conquer his long-standing phobia with the support of his friend Jeonghan. Jeonghan, being the supportive friend that he is, offered to join Hyungwon on the bungee jump.

The bungee jump proved to be a truly terrifying experience for Hyungwon, and it took him some time to gather the courage to take the leap. But with Jeonghan by his side, offering words of encouragement and support, Hyungwon finally mustered up the bravery to face his fear head-on.

Even when they reached the top of the bungee jump tower, Hyungwon couldn't help but express his nervousness, telling Jeonghan, "I'm in trouble." But with his friend's unwavering support, Hyungwon knew he had the strength to overcome his fear.

After a failed attempt at the first jump, Hyungwon gathered his courage and took the leap, with Jeonghan cheering him on from a distance. It was a moment of triumph as Hyungwon faced his fear and conquered it.

Once his feet were back on solid ground, Hyungwon couldn't believe what he had just accomplished. His bravery was rewarded with a certificate for completing the tallest bungee jump in Korea, a testament to his courage and determination.

Source: Koreaboo

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