Here’s Why SHINee’s Key Is The Role Model For K-Pop Idols Who Want To Succeed In Both Music And Entertainment

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Recently, BTOB’s Changsub met SHINee’s Key on MBC’s I Live Alone and showed his respect towards SHINee. Recently, group SHINee took home the first-place trophy on MBC’s Music Core with recent album promotions.

It’s really amazing. It’s been 15 years since they debuted, and they took first place.


Just as Changsub stated, Key is active in solo activities as well as group activities and is proving his status in K-Pop. As he has a solid domestic and international fandom, he is continuing his musical challenge by showing off his colorful charms as a group and a solo artist.


SHINee recently released the eighth full-length album, Hard, last month. The authentic hip-hop dance genre expressed the group’s belief in their own conviction without giving up the challenge. You can also feel the strong passion of the members as they continue to take on challenges despite being 15 years.


In February, Key released his second repackage full-length album, Killer, and revealed a fresh charm that was different from the image he had shown so far. This retro sound, based on the new wave and synth-pop of the 80s, was something that fans had not seen from him before.

Key, who is taking on new challenges, is also talented in the entertainment industry. Through shows such as I Live Alone and tvN’s Amazing Saturday, he is upgrading the fun through his witty responses and perfect mastery of choreography. Throughout the past 15 years, he has become the idol of idols as he takes on both the music and entertainment industry.


Regarding this, an SM official stated, “Key is, in one word, a very smart friend. He has a lot of ideas and is a member who clearly understands his role, thinks deeply about how to do it, and constantly upgrades in all activities, including solo, entertainment, commercials, as well as within SHINee.”

They continued, “I think that all these factors are harmonized to become the Key that is loved by fans and the public today. He is a person who has a natural sense, smartness, and constant effort. Because he clearly recognizes the situation and acts sensibly, he is easy to work with together.”

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