GOT7’s Youngjae Reveals BamBam Was Injured While Performing His First Solo Tour Concert

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GOT7's BamBam Kicks off Solo Tour

This weekend, GOT7's BamBam kicked off his first solo tour, the 2023-2024 BamBam THE 1ST WORLD TOUR [AREA 52]. Fans were excited to see BamBam take the stage on his own and showcase his talent.

Special Performances by GOT7 Members

During the concert, BamBam was joined by his fellow GOT7 members Youngjae and Yugyeom. The trio performed their hit song "NANANA" together, much to the delight of the audience. Even though leader Jay B is currently serving in the military, he made sure to attend the concert and show his support from the audience.

A Behind-the-Scenes Story from Youngjae

On MBC FM4U's radio program Best Friend, Youngjae shared a behind-the-scenes story from the concert. He expressed that while he has been doing musicals recently, performing on stage with GOT7 felt like where he truly belonged.

"Yugyeomie was there too, and I was there too, and Jaebeom hyung was watching from the audience seat... since Jaebeom hyung is currently doing his military service, so he could only watch. It was fun! It’s just been a long time... And, well, musicals are stage performances, too. And they’re great. But it got me thinking like, 'This stage is where I really belong.' I was really happy. It was a sea of smiles and laughter." - Youngjae

BamBam's Professionalism Shines Through

In addition to sharing his experience on stage, Youngjae also praised BamBam's professionalism. He revealed that BamBam had injured his foot even during rehearsals, and his legs were already swollen. Despite the pain, BamBam delivered a phenomenal show, impressing everyone with his dedication and talent.

Source: Koreaboo

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