Black Ocean At KCON? K-Pop Fans Plan The Ultimate Protest Of An Artist

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The Importance of Lightsticks in K-Pop

Lightsticks are a massive part of the fan experience in the world of K-Pop. These unique concert accessories not only serve as a way for fans to show their support for their favorite artists but also create a visually stunning atmosphere during performances.

When K-Pop idols take the stage, they can expect to see an "ocean" of light from the lightsticks that fans hold up. The synchronized glow of thousands of lightsticks creates a breathtaking spectacle and serves as a powerful symbol of unity between the artists and their devoted fanbase.


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This tradition of using lightsticks is not limited to individual artist concerts. It extends to large multi-group events like music festivals, where multiple fandoms come together to celebrate their favorite K-Pop acts. Out of politeness and respect, fans of other groups often leave their lightsticks on even when a different group is performing, creating a vibrant and colorful atmosphere throughout the entire event.

However, there have been instances in the past where audiences deliberately turned off their lightsticks, resulting in what is known as a "black ocean." This act of protest involves leaving the group performing in an almost entirely dark venue, sending a strong message of dissatisfaction or disagreement. One notable example of this was during the 2015 Pepsi Concert when fans protested Jisoo's addition to Lovelyz.

While this practice was more common in the past, it has decreased in recent years. However, in 2023, there are rumors that some attendees of an upcoming festival plan to bring back the "black ocean" as a form of protest against one of the performers.

KCON USA 2023: A Celebration of Hallyu

One event that K-Pop fans are eagerly anticipating is KCON USA 2023. This three-day celebration of "all things Hallyu" promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans of Korean music and culture.


The lineup for KCON USA 2023 is nothing short of spectacular. It includes popular K-Pop groups like ATEEZ, NCT's Taeyong, IVE, and Stray Kids, who are known for their energetic performances and dedicated fanbases.

One particularly exciting addition to the lineup is Rain (Jung Jihoon), a veteran in the industry who has been active since 1998. Rain has not only achieved immense success as a solo artist but also holds the position of CEO at RAIN Company. He played a significant role in the debut of CIIPHER, the label's first group.


KCON USA 2023 promises to be an incredible gathering of K-Pop enthusiasts from all over the country. Fans can look forward to experiencing electrifying performances, engaging in fan activities, and immersing themselves in the vibrant world of Hallyu.

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