SM Entertainment Accused Of “Forgetting” To Add The Drums To EXO’s B-Side Track “Cinderella”

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EXO Faces Criticism Over Treatment by SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment, the agency behind K-pop group EXO, has been facing a wave of criticisms recently. From legal battles with members Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin to the unexpected announcement of Kai's military enlistment prior to the group's comeback, fans and industry insiders have expressed their concerns about the treatment of EXO by the label.

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Following the release of their highly anticipated album, EXIST, SM Entertainment once again found itself under fire. One of the producers of the album, known as Producer Marz (Paul Thompson), claimed that the label "forgot" to include part of the background music in the B-side track "Cinderella".

The song quickly became a fan-favorite, and there were no apparent issues with its production. However, Producer Marz went on a livestream and played a snippet of the demo version of "Cinderella" with the drums included, accusing SM Entertainment of neglecting to add them to the final version.

It's crazy how Producer Marz confirmed that there should have been drums in "Cinderella" and played a demo version. He said SM "forgot" to put the drums. The attitude of SM Entertainment towards EXO is so disappointing. No promotion, no support for EXO, and now they're messing up their music. What the f*ck.

- allkpop exist ✴︎ (@allllkpop_) July 12, 2023

With all the recent controversies surrounding EXO and SM Entertainment, many fans see this as another example of intentional mismanagement and mistreatment by the company.

Disappointed but not surprised. We're talking about SM after all.

- sunny day 🇵🇸 (@Lights)

Source: Koreaboo

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