Controversy Erupts After Disgraced Idol Is Allegedly Spotted Clubbing

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Disgraced Former Idol Seungri Spotted at a Club

Recently, there has been a viral post titled "Huh? Seungri Still Goes Clubbing," which has caught the attention of K-pop fans worldwide. The post includes an alleged photo of Seungri, a former idol who has faced numerous controversies in the past.


The photo shows a person, alleged to be Seungri, wearing a baseball cap inside a club. This has sparked a wave of reactions from netizens who are shocked and disappointed by his actions.

7225bc2c-a301-45fc-a2b8-30a8ca004e10Alleged photo of Seungri | Nate Pann

The person who took the photo claimed to have seen Seungri at the club, adding fuel to the controversy surrounding him. Netizens expressed their horror and disgust at his behavior, further tarnishing his already damaged reputation.

"I saw Seungri."

- Netizen

The reactions from netizens were filled with disappointment and criticism. Some comments include:

Screenshot 2023-09-11 at 11.03.53 AM

"Wow, that's crazy. He still hasn't gotten his act together." "Just goes to show he hasn't learned his lesson. If I was him, I wouldn't have gone." "He's the reason why BIGBANG is done... He never should have been let into the group." "Tsk, tsk." "Old habits die hard." "Ajussi, do you want to go to the club at that age?" "I'm sure he's just going to play for the rest of his life since he hid his money, LOL."

These comments reflect the disappointment and frustration of fans who had hoped for Seungri's redemption and growth after the scandals that led to the disbandment of BIGBANG.


The recent sighting of Seungri at a club has once again brought his controversial past to the forefront. Fans and netizens alike are expressing their disappointment and concern for his actions. It remains to be seen whether Seungri will take responsibility for his behavior and make amends with his fans.

Source: Koreaboo

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