SEVENTEEN’s New TikTok Dance Challenge Is Actually Choreographed By A Fan

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K-Pop Groups and TikTok Dance Challenges

K-Pop groups are known for their incredible choreography, captivating fans all over the world. In recent years, these groups have taken their dance moves to the popular social media platform TikTok, creating viral dance challenges for their songs.

SEVENTEEN's Fan-Choreographed TikTok Dance Challenge

One of the latest TikTok dance challenges comes from the popular K-Pop group SEVENTEEN. What makes this challenge unique is that it was actually choreographed by a fan! This shows the strong connection between the group and their dedicated fanbase.

SEVENTEEN Collaborates with New Kidz On The Block

seventeen-projects-of-2023SEVENTEEN | PLEDIS Entertainment

Recently, SEVENTEEN's Joshua, DK, and Dino collaborated with the OG boy band New Kidz On The Block (NKOTB) on the song "Dirty Dancing." This collaboration brought together two generations of talented artists and created a buzz among fans.

The Dance Challenge Revealed

Shortly after the release of "Dirty Dancing," SEVENTEEN members uploaded a TikTok video, revealing the official dance challenge for the song. Fans were thrilled to finally have choreography to follow along with and showcase their own dance skills.


Can't help but dance with @New Kids on the Block 🕺🕺🕺 CARATs, show us your moves too 😍

♬ Dirty Dancing (feat. Joshua, DK & Dino of SEVENTEEN) - Dem Jointz Remix - New Kids On The Block

These TikTok dance challenges not only allow fans to engage with their favorite K-Pop groups but also provide a platform for showcasing their own creativity and dance skills. It's a fun way for fans to connect with their idols and be part of a global dance community.

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