Why K-Pop Fans Are Furious About Rain’s KCON Announcement

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One of the biggest events for K-Pop fans in the United States is the annual KCON festival. Each year, many K-Pop groups arrive in LA for a weekend of fun and culture.

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KCON this year will take place August 18-20, and fans have been anticipating who could attend the event. The event organizer recently shared a word search containing the names of groups that would be making appearances, with clever fans figuring it out quickly.

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On Monday, June 12, KCON shared its first official line-up announcements, and several groups found in the word search, like Stray Kids, NMIXX, ITZY, and Kep1er, were included in it.

Also included in the line-up was solo artist Rain.

Rain | KCON

Rain has remained popular throughout his career, so one would expect his addition would be welcomed. However, the tweet announcing his performance was met with much anger and frustration from fans.


Rain is the founder of Rain Company, created to manage his career. In 2021, the boy group Ciipher debuted under the label, with many fans excited to see some familiar faces in the line-up.

Ciipher | Rain Company

Ciipher released two albums in 2021, and one in 2022 before entering a hiatus period with no more releases. Fans were excited to learn that members Tag and Keita would appear in the survival series Boys Planet, though the former departed the show before it aired.

Keita made it to the show’s finale before being eliminated, though many fans were hopeful about his future career.

Ciipher’s Keita | Mnet

Hyunbin also participated in a survival show, Fantasy Boys, ultimately being eliminated in the final episode.

Ciipher’s Hyunbin | MBC

Since Keita’s elimination, fans have been awaiting news of Ciipher’s future promotions, hopeful the group can release something since more fans have become interested in the members. Unfortunately, there has been no official news on a comeback.

Many fans think KCON would have been a great way for the group to gain more potential fans and are angry at their label’s lack of promotions.

Not all the artists have yet been announced for KCON, so there is still hope for fans that Ciipher will be announced.

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