Top 100 K-pop Rappers Ranked by Dabeme: BTS Suga, ASTRO JinJin, Lisa, More!

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The "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" Revealed by Dabeme Pop!

Are you curious to find out if your favorite K-pop idol made it to the "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" list? Look no further! Dabeme Pop has unveiled the highly anticipated rankings after three weeks of intense voting. From BTS and ASTRO to BLACKPINK, ONEUS, GOT7, and TREASURE, let's dive into the exciting world of K-pop rap!

1. BTS

It comes as no surprise that BTS, one of the biggest K-pop groups in the world, dominates the "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" list. Known for their impeccable rap skills, BTS members RM, Suga, and J-Hope have captivated fans with their powerful and meaningful lyrics. Their unique style and delivery have earned them a special place in the hearts of K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.


ASTRO, a rising star in the K-pop scene, has also secured a spot on the list with their impressive rap performances. JinJin and Rocky, known for their smooth flow and dynamic stage presence, have showcased their versatility as rappers in various ASTRO tracks. Their ability to switch effortlessly between melodic singing and rap has garnered them a dedicated fan base.


BLACKPINK, the powerhouse girl group known for their fierce charisma and killer rap verses, has made an impact on the "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" rankings. Jennie and Lisa, with their distinct rap styles, have proven themselves as formidable rappers in the industry. Their fiery delivery and confident stage presence have solidified their position as some of the best female rappers in K-pop.


ONEUS, a talented boy group known for their captivating performances, has also earned a place on the list. Ravn and Leedo, with their unique rap styles, have impressed fans with their lyrical prowess and smooth delivery. ONEUS' rap line adds depth and intensity to their music, showcasing their versatility as artists.

5. GOT7

GOT7, a beloved K-pop group known for their diverse musicality, has left their mark on the "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" rankings. Members Jackson and Mark have showcased their rap skills in numerous tracks, captivating fans with their powerful verses and charismatic stage presence. Their ability to infuse emotion into their rap performances sets them apart in the industry.


TREASURE, a rookie group that has quickly gained popularity, has also made it to the "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" list. As a group known for their energetic performances, members Hyunsuk and Haruto have impressed fans with their rap abilities. Their unique styles and strong stage presence have contributed to TREASURE's success in the K-pop scene.

The "Top 100 K-pop Rappers" list by Dabeme Pop is a testament to the incredible talent and diversity within the K-pop industry. These groups and artists have proven themselves as skilled rappers, captivating audiences with their powerful verses and dynamic performances. Whether you're a fan of BTS, ASTRO, BLACKPINK, ONEUS, GOT7, or TREASURE, there's no denying the impact of K-pop rap on the global music scene.

Source: KpopStarz

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