SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan And MONSTA X’s Hyungwon React To How Young Newer Idols Are Becoming

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The Young Age of K-Pop Idols: A Growing Trend

The young ages of new K-Pop idols isn't just a topic for fans to discuss. It's a significant change that even the idols themselves have noticed. MONSTA X's Hyungwon and SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan recently reflected on their early days in the industry, sharing their thoughts on this growing trend.

00 monsta x hyungwon mr chae the castaway seventeen jeonghan young idols ageJeonghan and Hyungwon. | 채씨표류기/YouTube

Early Struggles in the Industry

During SEVENTEEN's early days, Jeonghan recalled attending multiple meetings just to secure a single broadcast appearance. Hyungwon could relate to this experience and mentioned his recent visit to a broadcasting station for his group's new sub-unit SHOWNU X HYUNGWON.

Jeonghan also mentioned the increase in new faces he sees at broadcasts, highlighting the influx of new idols in the industry. He remarked, "There are so many new idols, you know?"

The Age Gap

Hyungwon agreed with Jeonghan's observation and pointed out how much younger the new generation of idols is. He said, "The age gap was pretty huge."

Compared to Jeonghan and Hyungwon, who are in their late twenties, some newly debuted idols haven't even reached eighteen years old yet. Jeonghan shared, "Some of them were twelve years younger than me."

A Shift in the Industry

Since Hyungwon and Jeonghan debuted in 2015 when they were at least twenty years old, it's evident that idols are now entering the K-Pop industry at younger ages. This trend highlights the changing dynamics and preferences of the industry and its audience.