“He’s Just Like Me”: Actor Ryan Reynolds Promotes NewJeans’ Comeback

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Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds is proving himself to be the biggest fan of the K-Pop girl group NewJeans.

Ryan Reynolds 
NewJeans | ADOR

NewJeans recently made their comeback, releasing their second EP Get Up, including the track “Super Shy.”

As with any NewJeans’ release, “Super Shy” became an instant dance trend on the video-sharing app TikTok. Not only is the song catchy AF, but the choreo is so fun.

Now, if you expect to see Ryan Reynolds dancing to “Super Shy,” you might be disappointed. Instead, he shared a look at his gym routine along with his playlist, which consists of NewJeans’ latest songs (same).


NewJeans count as proper gym attire.

♬ Super Shy – NewJeans

Netizens were shocked to see that the verified Ryan Reynolds had shared the video and not just your average NewJeans stan. In less than an hour, he accumulated 112.9K views.

| @vancityreynolds/TikTok

Yet, this isn’t the first time Ryan Reynolds participated in a NewJeans’ trend on TikTok. He previously shared a fan edit of himself, using the “OMG” CapCut template and audio.


Productive Monday

♬ OMG – NewJeans

And those who know Ryan Reynolds know he is also quite the K-Pop multi-fan. He has even formed a friendship with Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan. Read more below.

Here Are 5 Times Ryan Reynolds Proved He Was A K-Pop Fan

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