ATEEZ's 'Guerilla' Exceeds 10 Million Views

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ATEEZ's New Music Video "Guerrilla" Hits 10 Million Views in Just 12 Hours!

ATEEZ, the sensational K-pop group, has done it again! Their latest music video, "Guerrilla," has taken the internet by storm, surpassing an incredible 10 million views within a mere 12 hours of its release. This achievement is a testament to the group's immense popularity and dedicated fanbase.

The Rise of ATEEZ

ATEEZ has been making waves in the K-pop industry since their debut in 2018. Comprised of eight talented members - Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho - the group has captivated audiences worldwide with their unique sound and electrifying performances.

With each release, ATEEZ continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories. Their music videos are known for their visually stunning aesthetics and intricate storytelling, captivating fans and leaving them eagerly awaiting their next release.

"Guerrilla" - A Masterpiece of Music and Visuals

"Guerrilla" is no exception to ATEEZ's track record of excellence. The music video showcases the group's signature powerful choreography, synchronized moves, and charismatic stage presence. The song itself is a catchy blend of infectious beats and captivating melodies that will have listeners hooked from the first note.

The visuals in "Guerrilla" are nothing short of breathtaking. From the vibrant colors to the stunning set designs, every frame is meticulously crafted to create a visually immersive experience. The attention to detail is evident throughout the video, making it a feast for the eyes.

A Dedicated Fanbase

ATEEZ's success can be attributed, in large part, to their dedicated and passionate fanbase, known as ATINY. These loyal fans have been with the group since their debut and have played a crucial role in their rise to stardom. Through their unwavering support and love, ATINY has helped ATEEZ achieve numerous milestones and break records.

The power of ATINY is evident in the rapid rise of "Guerrilla" on various music charts and streaming platforms. Their dedication to streaming, sharing, and promoting ATEEZ's music has propelled the group to new heights, solidifying their position as one of the leading K-pop acts in the industry.


ATEEZ's latest music video, "Guerrilla," has taken the K-pop world by storm, amassing an impressive 10 million views within just 12 hours of its release. This achievement is a testament to the group's immense talent, captivating music, and dedicated fanbase. With each release, ATEEZ continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide. It's safe to say that ATEEZ is a force to be reckoned with in the K-pop industry.

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