“Feel Like I’ve Disappointed My Fans” — BLACKPINK’s Jennie Addresses “Lazy” Dancing Accusations

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BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently sat down with English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa to discuss all aspects of her professional career and personal life on the Dua Lip: At Your Service podcast.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | Hera Beauty

Jennie talked about her health in the episode, seeming to address “lazy dancing” complaints targeted at her throughout the group’s BORNPINK world tour and career.


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Dua Lipa brings up that as such a huge superstar, there must be some things that Jennie has wished she could have shared differently. Jennie’s answer revolves around her health, particularly how she’s learned to better take care of herself in the last few years.

“Over the pandemic and even up to right now I’ve learned to take care of my body and I’ve learned a lot about myself with my health and how my muscles work, how bendy I am with my arms, like and every detail, and it all started because I would constantly hurt myself during performances and lives compared to other girls.”

— BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie says during her training, the focus was on dancing well and didn’t include instruction on how to keep herself safe and healthy. Because of this, she feels like she doesn’t know how to control her body and worries she has disappointed fans.

Jennie using crutches after injuring her ankle.
Jennie wore a bandaid to cover an injury she sustained after falling while working out earlier this year.

“So I feel like I’ve disappointed my fans at some point of my life where it seemed like I wasn’t giving my best, but I haven’t had a moment to say this, but I wanna say that I did not know how to control my body, and use my body the way I should.”

The BLACKPINK member then gives the example of wearing heels, saying that while some people are able to perform in them, her pain levels will directly affect her stamina on stage.


“Something like, I just don’t do well in heels, some people are amazing in heels, me being like one of the shortest girls in the group, I cannot work with heels, my feet aren’t built for heels. Even though I try, and sometimes when I’m feeling perfectly fine with my body [but] when I’m like traveling so much, and my body is all bloated, and my feet are so bloated, if I try to dance in heels, my staminal just goes really down because I know its uncomfortable for me.

Stuff like that, I’ve wanted to come clean, not come clean but share with my fans that I’m still at a point where I’m learning about myself, if anything so, let me be the person to share me from now on.”

Jennie always impresses us with her performances, and hearing her thoughts on the situation only makes us appreciate her more!

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