SF9’s Youngbin Addresses Rowoon’s Departure In Letter To Fans

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SF9's Youngbin Writes Heartfelt Letter to Fans

On September 18, SF9's leader Youngbin shared a heartfelt letter with fans amid concerns following Rowoon's departure from the group.

"Hello FANTASY, this is Youngbin. I am struggling to find the words to console you and am concerned today's announcement hurt you. I am sorry that there isn't more I can do to repay FANTASYs except show a better side of me." - Youngbin

In his letter, Youngbin revealed that he had spoken with Rowoon during his most recent military leave and expressed his support for Rowoon's future.

"During my last military leave, I spoke with Rowoon at length. It is true that my heart is conflicted because in the conversation, we spoke about the many things that happened during the past 7 years. But, I will continue to support Rowoon's future out of hopes that one day, our truths will reach one another, and we can all smile brightly." - Youngbin

Youngbin also took the opportunity to thank SF9's fans for their unwavering support and asked them to continue looking over the group.

"As you all know, SF9 is possible thanks to FANTASY. Moving forward, I won't forget that SF9 only exists thanks to FANTASY, and we will continue to work harder, so please look over us." - Youngbin

Youngbin concluded his letter by consoling the group's fans and expressing his gratitude once again.

"Lastly, to FANTASYs that were hurt by the news, I hope your night isn't long. Thank you, as always." - Youngbin

Rowoon's Departure and Future Plans

02ec8ce0a3e4a44f5d804a3916a97830Rowoon (left) Youngbin (right) | Pinterest

Following the news of Rowoon's departure from SF9, FNC Entertainment announced that he would be focusing on his acting career.

Rowoon also shared a heartfelt letter with fans, expressing his feelings about leaving the group. You can read the full letter here.

Source: Koreaboo

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